What is it like to watch a soccer match from the stadium?

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I am a great fan of soccer and there’s nothing more amazing than watching the English Premier League, The world’s most popular sports league with 20 teams. The English Premier League is a favorite of mine and millions in the world for the large number of world-class players you love, variety of soccer styles in the teams and the noisy crowds in the stadium cheering for their favorite teams.

Most games have unpredictable outcomes. There is nothing as energetic as the crowd in the stadium. Multi-generational deep passion for teams rocks the stadium. They have learnt it from their fathers and grandfathers. This is a passion that can make a person laugh or cry. It is obvious to have emotions. The sound at the match lifted outside the stadium and could be heard for miles. In recent years, I have been to soccer matches in South America wherein people hiked for three days to reach the stadium and watch the match. Stadiums in London are those where I spend more time gazing at the crowd than the game itself.

English Premier League soccer matches are no different from these. It was a match between Manchester City and Arsenal. I support Manchester City and David Silva is my favorite player. The game was pretty good but the atmosphere was more exciting. There seemed to be a carnival-like feeling every time. I got a good seat – on the side of the field where my team would score the winning goal. Sergio Aguero scored the shot and everybody stood up for him. Being there was such a rare occasion for everybody and that was what motivated the crowd so much. It was unlikely for anybody to be present for such an event again so most of them were happy being there and that made it unlike other football games we watch.