The Titans Collide

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I and my friend Andy Johnson were travelling to the Anfield Stadium to watch the cracker of a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. Andy works as a graphic designer at the online casino website He was a frequent to the pub I work at, and that is where we first got into an argument as he is a Chelsea supporter. Even though we had a heated beginning, things changed for good and we’ve been good friends from a long time now. The best thing I like about him is the fact that, just like me he is a football maniac, and the only thing I hate about him is, he supports Chelsea.

So back to the game then. This league cup semi-final was touted as the match-of-the-year by many. I had a bet with Andy that if Liverpool loses, I will have to paint his backyard and if Chelsea loses he’ll pay for the tickets the next time we come together for a match. There were almost equal supporters for Chelsea and Liverpool at the stadium. Chelsea was indeed leading the pool table for league. But as Anfield was the home-stadium for Liverpool, I was very much sure that Liverpool will beat Chelsea hands down.

Both the teams were playing at their defensive best, but at the 17 Chelsea won a penalty for themselves, which was turned into a goal by Eden Hazard, who passed the ball past Mignolet into the right hand corner of the goal post. There was loud cheers by Chelsea fans, and I could see Andy from the corner of my eye, making faces at me and joining the other Chelsea fans in their celebration.

Liverpool upped their defense and their attack, but to no avail. At the half-time the scores stood at Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea. A new breeze of life was seen in the Liverpool players just after the half-time. And, finally at the 59’ Raheem Sterling brilliantly ran towards goal, beating Mikel and Matic along the way and shooting the ball into the bottom right corner of the net from just inside the penalty area. Joy knew no bounds for me as well other Liverpool supporters, as we were finally able to get the equalizer that we were waiting for. Though both the times tried to beat each other and they did succeed a little a few times, but the final scores stood at Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea. Which means that no backyard painting for me and I’ll have to pay for my tickets the next time, Andy and me come together for a match.