The Miserable Soccer League Match

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It was at the Anfield Stadium again and this was a really special match as Steven Gerrard played for Liverpool taking on Crystal Palace. Jonathan Moss was the referee. I got my seat quickly and was hoping all the good for my Liverpool team. After Liverpool made a draw with Chelsea, it replaced Glen Johnson and Rickie Lambert with Alberto Moreno and Jordon Ibe. Crystal Palace made six changes that include Wayne Hennessey for Julian Speroni in goal.

Everybody was expecting Gerrard to goal in this match and me too. He has always been successful and saved his club for a number of times. Jamie Carragher was also on duty and praised Gerrard for all the force he had provided for the trophies they won. The teams were forming guard of honor for Gerrard and there he came with his three daughters. The stadium was bursting with noises. The entire Anfield was on feet, singing the name of Gerrard. It was a wonderful scene. Gerrard appeared to be more focused on the match than the event.

Palace had YannickBolasie and MarouaneChamakh for the front and it was a slow start with Liverpool seeing most of the balls. The first goal for Liverpool was a gift from Adam Lallana. Puncheon was trying too hard to get it and finally made a free-kick from the left edge to make the score 1-1.

The Second half began and Zaha scored for Palace at his entry. Liverpool was defending well. After the goal from Murray, there was four minute time though it was over and Palace was declared as the winners. Puncheon had made a great display and defeated Liverpool. We had lost the match and could not enter the semi-finals. Gerrard was not to be blamed and fans were still cheering his name.