The last league!!

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It’s been 2 months that the Champion league has started and today we have reached to the last league match of this season. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United. A lot of things are to be decided based on the result of this match. Fulham must also be watching this one closely. A win for Aston Villa would mean that Fulham are out of the competition. Aston Villa on the other hand will not leave any stone unturned to win this one.

Christian Benteke, Fabian Delph, Carlos Gil, they all would be raring to go. Newcastle players on the other hand are looking very relaxed. They know they are already out of the tournament and they have nothing to lose. But they will surely pose a big threat to Aston villa.

Both the teams are on the ground and there are no reports of any injuries. Aston villa fans are looking a bit tensed and why not? The match has started and Aston Villa is trying to take the initial lead here. They are aggressive and are looking very determined. Newcastle united players need to regroup here. We are in the 20th minute of the first half and Newcastle is already looking disarrayed. I am sure the coach is not liking it. Aston villa has changed the gears now. Excellent ball from Fabian has given a great chance to Christian and here we go!! First goal of the game and 12th for Christian this season. Newcastle needs to respond back soon or else they will be out of the game even before they realize. End of first half, villa is ahead in every department. They had 58% possession of the ball. Newcastle needs to bounce back in the second half to make a match out of this one.

Second half started and Aston villa came up with 3-4-3 formation. Excellent flick by Benteke but well defended by the goalkeeper Hugo. Second half also belonged to Aston villa and  they win the game by 1-0. Fans were hopeful of a better show by Newcastle but they now need to wait for next season. Hopefully Newcastle will learn from their mistakes and come back strong.