My first Live Football Match Experience

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Hi again!! Just entered into the stadium to watch watch Chelsea vs. Liverpool stadium for the very first time. Its always a pleasure for any football geek like me to watch these 2 giants playing!!

The atmosphere here is electric and thrilling. Till date, I used to watch these 2 giants matches in the cozy comfort of my living room but I must admit it is nowhere close to what I am feeling now. I am getting goose bumps. The constant chant, the Mexican wave, you got to come here to feel it.

It’s Chelsea vs. Liverpool today and guess which team I am rooting for. It’s Liverpoooooool. I am just mesmerized with the atmosphere here. I thank god that my friends decided watch this match from home and that gave me the idea of coming here. The atmosphere here just inspired me to write this blog.

And here comes the teams from the dugouts. The chant is going louder and louder. Chelsea and Liverpool have played 3 times before in the champion’s league and Liverpool is leading by 2 games to 1. This is an important game for both the sides. The winner here will get an entry to the knockout stage.

The wait is over and the game is about to start now. Chelsea gets a shot at the ball first and here is the whistle. Chelsea is looking really aggressive today. The passing is precise and the long balls are just perfectly placed. Its 30 mins into the first half. Both the teams made 4-5 attempts at the goal but have not tasted the success yet. Its 45 mins to the game and the game is still goalless. There were some serious attempts by Chelsea attacker Fabregas but excellent work by Simon Mignolet so far.

Chelsea gained a lot of momentum but Liverpool has defended well. Second half started and Liverpool is looking a different team now. They are stealing the momentum from Chelsea and have a look at the passing. 75 mins into the game and what is this happening?? Excellent pass to Gerard and he is running towards the goal. Chelsea defenders are just not able to stop him. Gerard to Ronald and now only 1 defender to beat which Ronald managed. Passed the ball back to Gerard and it’s a Goaaaaaaaaaal. The stadium has erupted here and Liverpool fans are just going crazy. Chelsea made several attempts but Liverpool is able to hold on and here comes the final whistle. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0.

The match is over but I am still not able to get over the mood. Wow!!! I can’t wait to get back here for the next match. I will surely come back from the field and continue this blog. Till then just hold on!!!!