How painful it is to Lose

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It was a semifinal between Liverpool and W Brom and I headed to the stadium for the 3pm kick-off to have my team win and enter the finals. Barclay Premier Leagues are very interesting and can’t be missed. I am a great fan of soccer and love Liverpool. Steven Gerrard was in and it was his 500th premier league appearance for the reds that noon. The Hawthorns stadium was roaring with excitement and energy of the fans cheering their teams to win.

Right from the beginning of the match, Gerrard was showing a great performance as always. My team continued to dominate the first half but had to go for the break without scoring against the well-organized West Brom. Liverpool tried hard to find a way through and got Lallana for Ibe and Borini for Balotelli. Despite a lot of tricks from Henderson and Lallana, Liverpool could not find a way through to the goal bar. Fans were cheering the teams and I was hoping for my team scoring a goal.

At the 89th minute, Liverpool got a free kick at 40 yards and Coutinho sent it into the box but was cleared away and this opportunity got wasted as well. The game was already over with all the players tired of trying their best. An extra time of four minutes was declared but none of the sides could score during that extra time. The game was declared to be over and Liverpool ended up sharing their points. The whistle said it was the end and I was filled up with emotions for my team. A lot of expectations from the players and all of them faded away. It was one of the most disappointing matches I had ever watched and that too when my favorite team was playing!!