Clash of the Titans!!

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I know you guys waited for me to write again and I am back again with my experience on the second match. My first experience was mind blowing and I could not wait to come back here and share my experience. I am an avid Liverpool fan but before that I am a soccer fan!! How could I miss out writing about the mother of all the soccer games? You guessed it right!!! Its Arsenal vs Manchester United today. I entered the famous Manchester United stadium and it’s all painted in Red. Its Rooney vs Sanchez. That’s what this game has been turned into right now.

Can’t wait for the game to begin and finally the wait is over. Whistle blown and Manchester United has the ball in their foot. Look at them. They are out with a mission in front of the home crowd. Rooney is charged up and leading the pack. 10 mins into the game and Manchester united has already attacked 4 times. None of them are successful but has left Arsenal defense shattered. Arsenal has to rethink here. Arsène Wenger is looking worried on the sidelines. He is constantly talking to his players and updating them with the next move. 30 mins into the game and Arsenal is now changing the formation from 3-4-3, they are now going with 4-3-3. Being offensive is sometimes the best answer. With the new formation, Arsenal is going great guns now and the offence has been paid off. It’s a free kick from the touchline and a wonderful header by Sanchez. Its a goal!! Arsenal after being in the back foot earlier has gone into the break by leading 1-0.

In between all the hustle and bustle in the ground, the teams are out again for the second half. Manchester united is behind by a goal and they need to lift their game to remain in competition. They are looking to turn the table around now. 3 attempts to goal in last 10 mins and Arsenal going to 3-3-4 formation now. Manchester United keeps on attacking but still unable to score a goal. We are into the last minute now and Manchester trying one last attempt at the goal. Wonderful dribble by Rooney and he took a kick and it hits the top bar of the goal post. What a pity!! Rooney can’t believe it, Manchester fans can’t believe it. And the final whistle is blown. Manchester united players are leaving the ground with their heads down. They know they lost an important one today but they still have the opportunity to fight back.