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When my team lost the match so miserably!!

When my team lost the match so miserably

My favorite team was in the clash against Stoke and this time, it was the Britannia Stadium to decide the finalist for the Barclay’s Premier League. It was a great occasion for Gerrard as he was playing for Liverpool for the very last time before he could head to the MLS and join LA Galaxy. It was a 250th premier league away and he scored 50 goals in total during the season. Liverpool had won the last three games against Stoke. I reached the stadium, was all excited for my team to win this time as well, putting Stoke to pieces.

The first half was on and it was getting interesting with both the teams really defending so well. Finally Stoke fans could see the first goal and it was by Diouf for the Stoke. The Stoke fans got more excited when Diouf scored again for Stoke to make it 2-0. My team was under pressure. We got a chance to score from a free-kick but the delivery by Gerrard was headed excellently by Shawcross. For me the situation became worst when Stoke made the scoreline 3-0 with Walters goal. The Stoke fans were cheering so loud and it seemed so devastating.

The match was getting unbearable with Adam making it 4-0 and it was turning to be a miserable farewell for Gerrard. And in no time, Adam was seen sliding the ball into midfield for N’Zonzi and he curled a wonderful effort into the top field corner to score a goal. The first half was over and there was little hope now.
In the second half, Gerrard made a goal finally for Liverpool. Fans had not so much to cheer this afternoon. And to everybody’s great misery, Crouch made the scoreline 6-1. It had already been a miserable noon and Gerrard was disappointed to have such a whimper at his career end.

What is it like to watch a soccer match from the stadium?

I am a great fan of soccer and there’s nothing more amazing than watching the English Premier League, The world’s most popular sports league with 20 teams. The English Premier League is a favorite of mine and millions in the world for the large number of world-class players you love, variety of soccer styles in the teams and the noisy crowds in the stadium cheering for their favorite teams.

Most games have unpredictable outcomes. There is nothing as energetic as the crowd in the stadium. Multi-generational deep passion for teams rocks the stadium. They have learnt it from their fathers and grandfathers. This is a passion that can make a person laugh or cry. It is obvious to have emotions. The sound at the match lifted outside the stadium and could be heard for miles. In recent years, I have been to soccer matches in South America wherein people hiked for three days to reach the stadium and watch the match. Stadiums in London are those where I spend more time gazing at the crowd than the game itself.

English Premier League soccer matches are no different from these. It was a match between Manchester City and Arsenal. I support Manchester City and David Silva is my favorite player. The game was pretty good but the atmosphere was more exciting. There seemed to be a carnival-like feeling every time. I got a good seat – on the side of the field where my team would score the winning goal. Sergio Aguero scored the shot and everybody stood up for him. Being there was such a rare occasion for everybody and that was what motivated the crowd so much. It was unlikely for anybody to be present for such an event again so most of them were happy being there and that made it unlike other football games we watch.

The Miserable Soccer League Match

It was at the Anfield Stadium again and this was a really special match as Steven Gerrard played for Liverpool taking on Crystal Palace. Jonathan Moss was the referee. I got my seat quickly and was hoping all the good for my Liverpool team. After Liverpool made a draw with Chelsea, it replaced Glen Johnson and Rickie Lambert with Alberto Moreno and Jordon Ibe. Crystal Palace made six changes that include Wayne Hennessey for Julian Speroni in goal.

Everybody was expecting Gerrard to goal in this match and me too. He has always been successful and saved his club for a number of times. Jamie Carragher was also on duty and praised Gerrard for all the force he had provided for the trophies they won. The teams were forming guard of honor for Gerrard and there he came with his three daughters. The stadium was bursting with noises. The entire Anfield was on feet, singing the name of Gerrard. It was a wonderful scene. Gerrard appeared to be more focused on the match than the event.

Palace had YannickBolasie and MarouaneChamakh for the front and it was a slow start with Liverpool seeing most of the balls. The first goal for Liverpool was a gift from Adam Lallana. Puncheon was trying too hard to get it and finally made a free-kick from the left edge to make the score 1-1.

The Second half began and Zaha scored for Palace at his entry. Liverpool was defending well. After the goal from Murray, there was four minute time though it was over and Palace was declared as the winners. Puncheon had made a great display and defeated Liverpool. We had lost the match and could not enter the semi-finals. Gerrard was not to be blamed and fans were still cheering his name.

An Exciting Soccer Game at Anfield Stadium

On Feb 15, I went with some friends to the Anfield stadium to watch a soccer match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Though I am a Liverpool supporter, Manchester United is undoubtedly my second favorite. We got tickets to become the part of the noisy crowd and experienced the energetic and lively experience. Arriving just few minutes before the kick-off, we were surprised to see all the 4000 supporters dressed up for their teams, singing and screaming to cheer them up.

Soon after the first goal scored by Manchester United, Rafael got a red card for a fault that created an atmosphere of frustration in the stadium. Referee Mr. Lee could well hear the protests for his mistake. The two teams arrived at half time with score of 0-1. After this, Shaw was in control of the ball most of the times and faced the lucidity of the Crystal Palace.

The second half-time started loosely for the team and few supporters left the benches. However, most of them stayed back to encourage the team. And yes, they were right. The last nine minutes of the match brought lots of surprises. Crystal Palace received the red card and faced a penalty, scored by Dann. In the last five minutes, Manchester scored two more goals, taking the score to 3-0.

The supporters spread in a smaller part of the stadium gathered all the energy to cheer their team for few more minutes towards the end of the game. They were hugging, singing and holding their heads. The game was so incredible. Others somehow managed to complete their last beer to put an end.
And Manchester was declared the winner of this amazing match. Smalling and De Gea did wonderful jobs and kept my love for them. I was filled with emotions when I saw my team heading towards the victory. They had really done well. It was an unforgettable one for sure.

An Adrenaline Filled Semifinal

Even though, Ashton Villa has reached about 20 times in the semifinals and won 10 times, Liverpool was in it for the 24th time, out of which they have only lost once in their last 9 outings. Based on the statistics and also presence of stars like Steven Gerrard, Allen, Moreno and Markovic, I was hoping them to win this war of an event, at the Wembley Stadium.

From the beginning of the match, the warriors in yellow were seen controlling possession. Aston Villa were trying their best to create pressure, and also succeeded for few minutes, but as soon as the ball was between the legs of Coutinho and Sterling, Liverpool was appearing to be a huge threat for Villa. At around the 29th minute, Henderson tried to fire the ball in the net but was blocked by Benteke. At the 31st minute Coutinho finally scored for Liverpool with a lovely finish. Villa’s Okore’s missed the ball which travelled to Countinho, garnering a point for the yellow devils. Aston Villa 0-1 Liverpool. At this point, I, along with all those Liverpool fans were shouting slogans for our team’s victory.

With the pressure rising, Aston Villa players tried every opportunity to pass the ball to their main man, Benteke, and they did succeed after a few attempts. At the 35th minute, Aston Villa’s Delph passed on the ball to Benteke, who side foots the ball past Mignolet to score for Aston Villa, making it his 6th goal in Villa’s last 7 outings. Aston Villa 1-1 Liverpool.

After the equalizer from Aston Villa, both the teams were under intense pressure and tried their best to garner a lead for their teams. At 55th minute Aston Villa finally succeeded to take the lead. Delph passes the ball to Grealish inside the Liverpool defense, who in return back heels the ball back to him into the penalty area. Delph beautifully passes through Lovren and shoots right across Mignolet for a goal. Aston Villa 2-1 Liverpool.

After taking the lead, the Aston Villa fans were unstoppable and so were their team. They were able to block every single effort of Liverpool to get an equalizer. Though Liverpool did succeed at some points later in the match, they were not able to break past the Villa’s defense. At the final whistle the scores were Aston Villa 2-1 Liverpool, qualifying Aston Villa for next month’s final against Arsenal.

A Day Well Spent – Soccer & Friend

Hey friends, I welcome you all to my blog. I hope you are enjoying the blessings of health and wealth. I am writing this blog to let you know about the last night game between Liverpool and Chelsea. The game was so much fun. I had my best friend Andy Johnson with me who came to my place for this special match. He is really a nice guy. I simply love him, but not more than football. Andy Johnson is a graphic designer at the UK’s top casino website We both were very excited for the match. Chelsea is his favorite club and Liverpool is mine. Both are the top clubs in the premier league. It was difficult to decide the winner. As it was Chelsea’s home ground, Chelsea fans came up in huge number. The ground seemed blue. The game started steadily, it was a wonderful play from both sides. Both teams got some chances. I really like the defending of Chelsea players; they didn’t allow Liverpool attack to have an eye on the goal. At the end of first half the score was 0 – 0.

As soon as the second half started the Eden Hazard scored a fabulous goal for Chelsea. The crowd went crazy, so as my friend. It was an amazing goal, I must say quality goal by Hazard for the blues. Chelsea was leading the match 1-0. Chelsea defense was too strong. It is rightly said that they have the best defenders in the premier league. Liverpool tried so hard but all in vein. 80 minutes on the clock and score was still 1-0. It was tense moment for all the Liverpool fans. Suddenly Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard came out of nowhere and scored a stunning goal with his splendid 25 meter shot. It was the best moment. I was jumping all the way around. Finally the match ended with 1-1. One of the excellent matches I saw so far.