Battle of the equals

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It’s not a starry affair today at Craven Cottage. No fancy names but it is still a high octane game. It’s a battle of the equals. Tottenham vs Fulham and I am putting my bet on Fulham. They have the home advantage and the crowd is right behind them. But no one can afford taking Tottenham lightly. On their day, they have the capability of bringing down anyone.

Bad news for Fulham just before the start of the game. Their star player Patrick Roberts has pulled a hamstring while practising and is doubtful for the game today. This would require Fulham to rethink their strategy now. The teams are coming out and as expected, Patrick is not taking the field. Big blow to Fulham even before the match started.

Tottenham took control of the ball and it’s a watchful start from them. They are going with short passes right now. This looks to be a game plan from them. Coach Mauricio is passing on the instructions. Isn’t he looking excited today? Fulham is surely missing Patrick. The team is looking haywire for now. The passes are not going right, the players are just not there to collect the ball. The home crowd is looking disappointed with the effort so far but there is still a lot of time left in the game. Hope they can bounce back. First half is now over. Fulham has not scored a goal but more importantly, they have not let Tottenham score one either.

It’s not been an exciting first half and crowd certainly hoped for a better game. Second half has started and Fulham despite all their efforts are still far from impressive. Tottenham has got a wonderful chance to pull this one off. 60 mins to the game and Fulham has committed a crime here. It’s a Penalty. An unnecessary tackle by Tim Hoogland here. Harry Kane is going to take the shot and it’s a Goaaaal. Right in the corner of the net and goalkeeper had no chance whatsoever. Tottenham has taken a decisive lead here. Last 10 mins left, Fulham is picking up but it’s too little. The game is over and Fulham knows how important Patrick was for this game. Never mind, I am looking forward to my next game now and will get in touch with you guys once I am back from there.