My first Live Football Match Experience

Hi again!! Just entered into the stadium to watch watch Chelsea vs. Liverpool stadium for the very first time. Its always a pleasure for any football geek like me to watch these 2 giants playing!! The atmosphere here is electric and thrilling. Till date, I used to watch these 2 giants matches in the cozy comfort of […]

Clash of the Titans!!

I know you guys waited for me to write again and I am back again with my experience on the second match. My first experience was mind blowing and I could not wait to come back here and share my experience. I am an avid Liverpool fan but before that I am a soccer fan!! […]

The last league!!

It’s been 2 months that the Champion league has started and today we have reached to the last league match of this season. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United. A lot of things are to be decided based on the result of this match. Fulham must also be watching this one closely. A win for Aston […]

How painful it is to Lose

It was a semifinal between Liverpool and W Brom and I headed to the stadium for the 3pm kick-off to have my team win and enter the finals. Barclay Premier Leagues are very interesting and can’t be missed. I am a great fan of soccer and love Liverpool. Steven Gerrard was in and it was […]

The Miserable Soccer League Match

It was at the Anfield Stadium again and this was a really special match as Steven Gerrard played for Liverpool taking on Crystal Palace. Jonathan Moss was the referee. I got my seat quickly and was hoping all the good for my Liverpool team. After Liverpool made a draw with Chelsea, it replaced Glen Johnson and Rickie […]

An Exciting Soccer Game at Anfield Stadium

On Feb 15, I went with some friends to the Anfield stadium to watch a soccer match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Though I am a Liverpool supporter, Manchester United is undoubtedly my second favorite. We got tickets to become the part of the noisy crowd and experienced the energetic and lively experience. Arriving […]

An Adrenaline Filled Semifinal

Even though, Ashton Villa has reached about 20 times in the semifinals and won 10 times, Liverpool was in it for the 24th time, out of which they have only lost once in their last 9 outings. Based on the statistics and also presence of stars like Steven Gerrard, Allen, Moreno and Markovic, I was hoping them […]


Hey friends, I welcome you all to my blog. I hope you are enjoying the blessings of health and wealth. I am writing this blog to let you know about the last night game between Liverpool and Chelsea. The game was so much fun. I had my best friend Andy Johnson with me who came […]