An Exciting Soccer Game at Anfield Stadium

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On Feb 15, I went with some friends to the Anfield stadium to watch a soccer match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Though I am a Liverpool supporter, Manchester United is undoubtedly my second favorite. We got tickets to become the part of the noisy crowd and experienced the energetic and lively experience. Arriving just few minutes before the kick-off, we were surprised to see all the 4000 supporters dressed up for their teams, singing and screaming to cheer them up.

Soon after the first goal scored by Manchester United, Rafael got a red card for a fault that created an atmosphere of frustration in the stadium. Referee Mr. Lee could well hear the protests for his mistake. The two teams arrived at half time with score of 0-1. After this, Shaw was in control of the ball most of the times and faced the lucidity of the Crystal Palace.

The second half-time started loosely for the team and few supporters left the benches. However, most of them stayed back to encourage the team. And yes, they were right. The last nine minutes of the match brought lots of surprises. Crystal Palace received the red card and faced a penalty, scored by Dann. In the last five minutes, Manchester scored two more goals, taking the score to 3-0.

The supporters spread in a smaller part of the stadium gathered all the energy to cheer their team for few more minutes towards the end of the game. They were hugging, singing and holding their heads. The game was so incredible. Others somehow managed to complete their last beer to put an end.
And Manchester was declared the winner of this amazing match. Smalling and De Gea did wonderful jobs and kept my love for them. I was filled with emotions when I saw my team heading towards the victory. They had really done well. It was an unforgettable one for sure.