An Adrenaline Filled Semifinal

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Even though, Ashton Villa has reached about 20 times in the semifinals and won 10 times, Liverpool was in it for the 24th time, out of which they have only lost once in their last 9 outings. Based on the statistics and also presence of stars like Steven Gerrard, Allen, Moreno and Markovic, I was hoping them to win this war of an event, at the Wembley Stadium.

From the beginning of the match, the warriors in yellow were seen controlling possession. Aston Villa were trying their best to create pressure, and also succeeded for few minutes, but as soon as the ball was between the legs of Coutinho and Sterling, Liverpool was appearing to be a huge threat for Villa. At around the 29th minute, Henderson tried to fire the ball in the net but was blocked by Benteke. At the 31st minute Coutinho finally scored for Liverpool with a lovely finish. Villa’s Okore’s missed the ball which travelled to Countinho, garnering a point for the yellow devils. Aston Villa 0-1 Liverpool. At this point, I, along with all those Liverpool fans were shouting slogans for our team’s victory.

With the pressure rising, Aston Villa players tried every opportunity to pass the ball to their main man, Benteke, and they did succeed after a few attempts. At the 35th minute, Aston Villa’s Delph passed on the ball to Benteke, who side foots the ball past Mignolet to score for Aston Villa, making it his 6th goal in Villa’s last 7 outings. Aston Villa 1-1 Liverpool.

After the equalizer from Aston Villa, both the teams were under intense pressure and tried their best to garner a lead for their teams. At 55th minute Aston Villa finally succeeded to take the lead. Delph passes the ball to Grealish inside the Liverpool defense, who in return back heels the ball back to him into the penalty area. Delph beautifully passes through Lovren and shoots right across Mignolet for a goal. Aston Villa 2-1 Liverpool.

After taking the lead, the Aston Villa fans were unstoppable and so were their team. They were able to block every single effort of Liverpool to get an equalizer. Though Liverpool did succeed at some points later in the match, they were not able to break past the Villa’s defense. At the final whistle the scores were Aston Villa 2-1 Liverpool, qualifying Aston Villa for next month’s final against Arsenal.