About Me

Hi, I am Drake Abramsson. Just an everyday normal guy, who lives in Liverpool, UK. I am 27 years old, single, and I work as a bartender in one of the most happening club here in Liverpool. My life’s just too ordinary, which simply runs around my workplace, overtimes, and my home. The only thing that is not-so-ordinary about my life, is my love for Football.

I am a zealous Liverpool FC follower, and have myself played as a forward for my college team. But after the tragic car accident in 2007, I almost broke my ribs and left leg, due to which I was unable to keep up with my passion.
Tired of this routine life, I planned on starting a blog, a football blog. I’ve been playing with this idea from a long time now, and finally decided to start FootballByDrake. I love watching live football matches.

The blog will mainly talk about my experiences of watching live football matches, sometimes with friends, sometimes all by myself, and other everyday banters. I actually have a habit of keeping a personal diary with me and I like to write. I have been keeping one, since my school days. I anyways note everything from my daily activities, my job at the pub, friends, to football matches in it. So why not share my experiences with other football fanatics like me?
Watching a football match on television and watching it live in a stadium is a completely different experience.

The energetic atmosphere, crowd, and the thrilling experience of watching your players in action, makes the whole experience much more worthwhile. I will try to write about everything major that happens in a match, about the crowds, friends I tag along, and also about some amazing people I bump into, in almost every other match. Going through the blogs, will actually make you feel like you are actually watching a match in action all over again.
I’ll keep on updating my blog as and when I get time. So do keep on visiting to enjoy the football matches live-in-action.