A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

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I hate the fact that many movies on Netflix, Pandora, websites, and videos on YouTube are blocked in many parts of the world, especially in US and UK. After all that’s my favorite pass-time, if I am not catching up on any football match. With news that the very popular Netflix Popcorn Time was to be blocked in UK, I was literally depressed. I was discussing this with some friends over dinner, and that is when my friend Rick Smith said that we can still access Popcorn Time on Netflix even if it is blocked here.

Rick works as a server technician at the anonymous proxy website BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com, and has been my friend from a couple of years. Teased as a nerd by most of us, Rick is always updated with all the latest technologies and gadgets available in the markets. He told us that we can use the website BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com to access any content in UK and US, even if it is blocked in our country. My other friends wanted to know if they can access the blocked contents from their workplace as well, as workplace computers generally don’t allow you to view any other content that is not related to work. And to our surprise, Rick informed us that, Yes, it can be done to view blocked videos, movies, or any website that is blocked at your workplace as well.

We were almost sure that something so amazing would require loads of technical knowledge and other resources. Rick told us that it is actually very simple. You simply need to visit BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com, enter the web address of your desired website and you can directly access that page without any restriction with the help of a proxy server that uses the IP address of a server from another country.

I didn’t get much into the other technical aspects which Rick was trying to explain, but one thing was for sure, even if the Popcorn Time, or any other video or website is blocked in UK or US we can directly access it through BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com.