A Day Well Spent – Soccer & Friend

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Hey friends, I welcome you all to my blog. I hope you are enjoying the blessings of health and wealth. I am writing this blog to let you know about the last night game between Liverpool and Chelsea. The game was so much fun. I had my best friend Andy Johnson with me who came to my place for this special match. He is really a nice guy. I simply love him, but not more than football. Andy Johnson is a graphic designer at the UK’s top casino website SlotPrince.com. We both were very excited for the match. Chelsea is his favorite club and Liverpool is mine. Both are the top clubs in the premier league. It was difficult to decide the winner. As it was Chelsea’s home ground, Chelsea fans came up in huge number. The ground seemed blue. The game started steadily, it was a wonderful play from both sides. Both teams got some chances. I really like the defending of Chelsea players; they didn’t allow Liverpool attack to have an eye on the goal. At the end of first half the score was 0 – 0.

As soon as the second half started the Eden Hazard scored a fabulous goal for Chelsea. The crowd went crazy, so as my friend. It was an amazing goal, I must say quality goal by Hazard for the blues. Chelsea was leading the match 1-0. Chelsea defense was too strong. It is rightly said that they have the best defenders in the premier league. Liverpool tried so hard but all in vein. 80 minutes on the clock and score was still 1-0. It was tense moment for all the Liverpool fans. Suddenly Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard came out of nowhere and scored a stunning goal with his splendid 25 meter shot. It was the best moment. I was jumping all the way around. Finally the match ended with 1-1. One of the excellent matches I saw so far.