Me with my friend Chris

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A Humdrum Crusade

With both teams at a touching distance from each other at the points table, I was very excited about this match between Arsenal and Sunderland. With only two games left from this season, both of them were playing hard, as both of the teams were aiming for two distinct prizes. Arsenal wants to finish at the second place, but their hopes are getting depleted with every passing day. A win here will put them just 2 points behind Manchester City, before the final game. Moreover, if they win both of the remaining matches, they can be crowned as runners up in over a decade.

As for Sunderland, they somehow needed a point to keep their hopes of not falling into the relegation zone intact. They have been un-beaten in their last four games, and are only three points away from the eighteenth seed Hull City. Moreover, rivals Newcastle United are also just one point behind them.

Arsenal was looking really pumped up from the start of the game and did get some openings. However, Sunderland was quick on their feet and replied with the same vigor. At the 32’ Wilshere passed the ball beautifully towards Giroud who, received some intense pressure from O’Shea and shoots the ball, which went past the poll from a few inches. At the 40’ minute, Sanchez tried a low effort shot, which directly landed to the Sunderland Keeper. At half-time the scores were Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland.

Sunderland again created some chances in the second half, but were unable to score. On the other hand Arsenal too was looking quick between passing the ball and trying to get the ball into the nets. With both teams squandering, second half appeared to be much more entertaining than the first. However, both the teams failed to score, and at the final whistle, the scores were Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland which means Sunderland is in safety spot they were looking for.

A Dismal Outcome

One of my most favourite stadium, Wembley Stadium was chosen as the location for the sensational second semi-final between Liverpool and Aston Villa. The team qualifying was supposed to meet Arsenal for the FA Cup Final. The crowds were on their complete razzle-dazzle to witness this mammoth-of-a-match. As me along with 4 of my friends took our seats, the players already started entering the ground.

I’d not like to accept it but, Liverpool was not up to the mark during this season. They did play some great games, but the usual charisma and charm witnessed in the team was missing. However, I still wanted them to win this match and beat Arsenal in the final. Moreover, I also wanted them to win this match, because it was Steven Gerrard’s Birthday, and also his last match with Liverpool, as he is supposed to join LA Galaxy for the Major League.

As Liverpool was playing as the away side, they were in yellow and Villa was in their usual blue and claret colors. The match started off with a fast pace, and the 12’ there was complete silence in the stadium when N’Zogbia shot from about 20 yards was safely tipped out for the corner by Mignolet. At 30’ Coutinho hit the first goal for Liverpool, which had the crowd singing and screaming. It was the first appearance at Wembley for Coutinho who passed the Villa defense, before dinking one past given and into the nets. Villa 0-1 Liverpool.

Joy knew no bounds for us, the Liverpool supporters. But our fun was short-lived with Beteke gave a smooth finish to a pass from Delph. Delph received the ball at the half-way line from Grealish, and passed it on to Benteke, who then converted into a fine goal. Villa 1-1 Liverpool. The crowds were literally on their feet by now. There were again many few hits and misses by both the teams, but none of them made any major impact.

Then at the 54’ our hopes of entering the finals were almost broken when Delph got another one for his team. It was a great team effort, where Grealish received the ball from Delph and then passed again to Delph, who swiftly stroked past Mignolet with a smooth right foot and into the goal. Villa 2-1 Liverpool. Liverpool players were seen trying their best until the last minute, but failed to get an equalizer. At the final whistle, the scores were Villa 2-1 Liverpool.

Our dreams of entering the finals and giving an amazing send-off to our captain were squashed terribly. But, I agree that Aston played much better than Liverpool. They were calm, composed and quick, and it worked in their favor.

The Much Needed Victory

We were back at the Anfield stadium for another encounter with Newcastle United, who were defeated in all of their last 4 matches. On the other hand, Chelsea too had consecutive defeats against Arsenal and Manchester United. Though I had barely slept after doing my shift at the pub, I couldn’t miss watching Liverpool at their home turf.

From the beginning, both the teams were looking fiercely to score and take the lead as soon as possible. Most of the possession in the initial minutes was with Liverpool, however, they were unable to create anything noteworthy. In the 9’ Sterling found an opening to score a beautiful goal. He took the pass from Henderson right into the left edge of the penalty area, cuts inside by beating Newcastle defenders, before shooting the ball with his right foot, which landed away from Krul’s dive and into the net. Liverpool 1-0 Newcastle.

After gaining an early lead in the match, Liverpool had many missed opportunities in the first-half itself. Newcastle was about to gain some momentum when Lovren appeared to foul Perez in the penalty area, but the referee waved away their claims. In the second-half, around the 70’ Liverpool went ahead to take all the three points of the match, when Joe Allen created a smooth finish that passed from Krul and into the nets.

By this time all the Newcastle supporters were utterly disappointed and some of them even started to leave the stadium. At full time the final score stood at Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle. Newcastle really needed this victory, as Manchester United had defeated Manchester City, and losing this match would have simply finished their hopes of staying in the top-4. The victory reignited the confidence of Liverpool, and me being an ardent follower of their game, couldn’t be happier.

A Step Closer to the Title

I travelled all the way to the Stamford Bridge Stadium in the Fulham city to watch Chelsea take on the red devils-Manchester United. Winning this match was important for Manchester, and for Chelsea, they were well ahead of all the teams in the table, but it would have taken them a step closer to the tile.

I need to agree that Manchester United has a world class team, with players like Rooney and Mata, but Chelsea, with their recent winning streaks had their morale’s high. All eyes were on Hazard, as he has had an amazing tournament this year, and Chelsea supporters wanted him to perform today as well. On the other hand ManU supporters wanted Rooney to work his magic, as he has scored or assisted in almost 120 goals in the Premier League Matches.

United was looking pretty dominated from the beginning itself, and Wayne Rooney was doing what he does best. At the 22’ Rooney gave a beautiful pass to Valencia, who received it back and then passed it on to Fellaini, who was unable to find another team-mate in the deep end. Though, Chelsea were trying their best, it was United enjoy most possession of the ball. However, at the 37’ Hazard finally found a lead for Chelsea. Oscar passed a brilliant backheel to Hazard, who finished it by sliding a finish under De Gea into the net. ManU 0-1 Chelsea.

United’s Rooney and Falcao did make some progress in the second half, but failed to transform it into a goal. At the final whistle, the score still stood at 0-1. This victory by Chelsea made them stand 10 points ahead of Arsenal and 11 points above the red devils, to put them at a touching distance of the Premiere League title in five seasons. It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 matches for the blues to become the champions.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I hate the fact that many movies on Netflix, Pandora, websites, and videos on YouTube are blocked in many parts of the world, especially in US and UK. After all that’s my favorite pass-time, if I am not catching up on any football match. With news that the very popular Netflix Popcorn Time was to be blocked in UK, I was literally depressed. I was discussing this with some friends over dinner, and that is when my friend Rick Smith said that we can still access Popcorn Time on Netflix even if it is blocked here.

Rick works as a server technician at the anonymous proxy website BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com, and has been my friend from a couple of years. Teased as a nerd by most of us, Rick is always updated with all the latest technologies and gadgets available in the markets. He told us that we can use the website BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com to access any content in UK and US, even if it is blocked in our country. My other friends wanted to know if they can access the blocked contents from their workplace as well, as workplace computers generally don’t allow you to view any other content that is not related to work. And to our surprise, Rick informed us that, Yes, it can be done to view blocked videos, movies, or any website that is blocked at your workplace as well.

We were almost sure that something so amazing would require loads of technical knowledge and other resources. Rick told us that it is actually very simple. You simply need to visit BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com, enter the web address of your desired website and you can directly access that page without any restriction with the help of a proxy server that uses the IP address of a server from another country.

I didn’t get much into the other technical aspects which Rick was trying to explain, but one thing was for sure, even if the Popcorn Time, or any other video or website is blocked in UK or US we can directly access it through BrowsingAnonymousOnline.Com.

The Titans Collide

I and my friend Andy Johnson were travelling to the Anfield Stadium to watch the cracker of a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. Andy works as a graphic designer at the online casino website He was a frequent to the pub I work at, and that is where we first got into an argument as he is a Chelsea supporter. Even though we had a heated beginning, things changed for good and we’ve been good friends from a long time now. The best thing I like about him is the fact that, just like me he is a football maniac, and the only thing I hate about him is, he supports Chelsea.

So back to the game then. This league cup semi-final was touted as the match-of-the-year by many. I had a bet with Andy that if Liverpool loses, I will have to paint his backyard and if Chelsea loses he’ll pay for the tickets the next time we come together for a match. There were almost equal supporters for Chelsea and Liverpool at the stadium. Chelsea was indeed leading the pool table for league. But as Anfield was the home-stadium for Liverpool, I was very much sure that Liverpool will beat Chelsea hands down.

Both the teams were playing at their defensive best, but at the 17 Chelsea won a penalty for themselves, which was turned into a goal by Eden Hazard, who passed the ball past Mignolet into the right hand corner of the goal post. There was loud cheers by Chelsea fans, and I could see Andy from the corner of my eye, making faces at me and joining the other Chelsea fans in their celebration.

Liverpool upped their defense and their attack, but to no avail. At the half-time the scores stood at Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea. A new breeze of life was seen in the Liverpool players just after the half-time. And, finally at the 59’ Raheem Sterling brilliantly ran towards goal, beating Mikel and Matic along the way and shooting the ball into the bottom right corner of the net from just inside the penalty area. Joy knew no bounds for me as well other Liverpool supporters, as we were finally able to get the equalizer that we were waiting for. Though both the times tried to beat each other and they did succeed a little a few times, but the final scores stood at Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea. Which means that no backyard painting for me and I’ll have to pay for my tickets the next time, Andy and me come together for a match.