Football Betting

Football is one of the most popular sports throughout the world and it is also gaining in popularity as one of the more common sports for betting. The information here lists some of the best betting sites along with a helpful guide covering the betting journey and how to focus on long term sports betting profits. Football fans who are looking for more excitement while watching their favorite games can now appreciate the sport even more with an online betting account.  The following information goes through a few of the best betting sites I have found.

Betfair 550

Betfair Sports Betting is being promoted as one the world’s largest online betting exchange.  The betting platform was established in 2000 and has grown at an incredible rate in many regional areas around the world.  Considered one of the big innovators for online betting, Betfair has been successful also as a front-runner with options such as the peer to peer betting platform that is the exchange. Known for its sports betting, Betfair is also providing casinos, gambling, live casino, bingo and betting exchanges worldwide with its offerings of sports betting. Some bettors prefer betting exchanges over bookmakers due to better odds of winning but Betfair is able do both while providing the best winning odds to customers.  It is considered a fixed odds bookmaker attached to the exchange that is now a part of the growth of the firm over the last 15 to 20 years.  

With the beauty of this exchange, if you can not find a price you like for a wager then you can make your own.  It becomes active if someone matches it. As a result, you are going to find a stunning array of options and market varieties to watch. There are also guides to help you understand how to get around a sports book.
If you are considering the exchange or looking at Betfair’s traditional sports book, bettors should be able to find the market odds and quality.  You might pay a commission on your bets but some people find that more favorable than having a middleman factor with a bookmaker margin. With value being so important for betting, it can be nicer to see that commissions on winning run about 5% to 7%.  In-play betting can be interesting with prices that change quickly as betters place wagers on different selections while the event is progressing. Match view graphics can be something for bettors to experience by seeing opportunities to follow multiple games with overall match stats and a text commentary of key points.  These features are provided along with options for the game from Both Teams To Score, Half Result Markets and Over/Under.
Betfair as a leader makes sense with other opportunities for those of us really focused on sports. I am among other sports bettors that can consider the interesting developments for online betting called quick bursts of selections that are offered for what will happen in the next minute, such as free kick, corner kick, and goal kick. This is also offered for a 5 minute period. Those of us that enjoy football can easily get excited about this opportunity, even if it is just an opportunity to watch the action with others’ wagers. Watching talented players game after game make this opportunity something to experience as a sports bettor. The long selection of sport offerings includes the popular ones and virtual sports. Learning more techniques with sports betting is nicer with so many opportunities to choose different markets. Placing in-place bets on events and matches are easy when they are in progress. Betfair is proving to be a good site for starters and experienced sports bettors.

The popularity is nice with millions of sports betting fans around the world enjoying the betting services. Interestingly, you can also find non-sports markets like financials offered by Betfair.
Novice sports bettors could find Betfair’s web based sports betting platform easy to use. The simplified process is as simple as a few steps to place a bet. Customers also appreciate the simplicity of deposits and withdrawals. The amount of time for funds to be credited to a credit card also place Betfair high on the list for best sites. Experienced sports bettors with Betfair know the site runs different promotions whether they are using the traditional bookmaker section or the exchange.
Betfair’s apps are available for placing bets and those using the exchange based services. Watching your bests is easier now with technology’s progress. As a well-recognized name in the industry, customers feel better about their funds being used for this betting site. According to Drake and experienced industry leaders, higher quality betting sites can help you get more out of your betting.


Your best as a sports bettor is to consider why you would want more than one bookmaker or betting exchange account.  Getting the most out your odds searches and value betting are smart reasons to consider multiple betting sites. Some recreational punters, as the betting industry refers to some sports bettors, commonly only use one betting site for one or a few bets occasionally.  There is a better approach with the available industry knowledge that’s offered to encourage multiple sites for checking your betting decisions.

This betting site offers a sports book, in-play betting, poker, a casino, and more.  New players can enjoy free bets for their welcome bonus, which is nice as you get started betting on your targeted sports markets.  Promotions are smart to check often for new offers. This betting site also has helpful blogs with regular betting tips. The latest stories list on the blog can be interesting to follow league play and suggestions for picks.  The site offers an editorial blog featuring sporting insight, intelligent comment and informed betting tips. I find it helpful to glance at the titles and monitor the tip suggestions.

This betting site has more than 30,000 available markets for some 2 million sports fans, which is probably enough to justify considering this for your list of betting sites.  Also, a nice user interface makes navigation simple. Many bettors can enjoy the constant highlights of events which draws interest in bets using the site’s booster features and free bets.  In addition, the ‘Cashout’ function allows a bettor to settle bets during in-play and pre-game contests. This only available for a number of specific markets and sports.

Sports bettors can track events in a simpler way with the event list of available games and competitions for the day.  For football, a sports bettor can find Total Goals, Both Teams to Score, Double Chance, and many others. The interfacing sometimes shifts the types of bets around so you might want to watch for additional wager opportunities.  Event tracking with your own list of markets to follow can be helpful with a betting site that you might check often. A simplified process could make it much easier for following competitions, game highlights, and wagers.
The ‘4 to’ prediction games are available for free each week and are a good chance to get in some risk free betting fun.  The odds for football matches are from 42 different countries around the world with international and European competitions.
The impressive depth of the UK action is fun for some sports bettors.  Premier League matches offer 100-105 bet types in addition to the 1X2 offerings, with specials, handicap, and total goals.  They also offer weekly promotions regularly on football, horse racing and e-sports as well as sporting event specials. With the site’s huge total of sports to choose from, customers can follow core sports and others such as judo, pesapallo and beach volleyball.  Some customers get into the large markets for basketball with selections from around the world.
The site’s app has everything a customer needs for betting on the move, which make sense with this site being a market leading bookie. With more than a decade of experience in the competitive market, the betting site has proven to have a customer support team that focuses on timely and helpful responses.


Along your journey of sports betting, you could consider how odds are one of the key factors for choosing an online bookmaker.  During some sporting events, the odds can be smart ways to watch how the options for betting work with the underdog team. Goals spreads may be a part of how bookmakers even-up to opponents with different abilities.  This can be an enjoyable process with some experience and good planning as a sports lover that enjoys the research side of smart betting. 
Bet365 is one of the world’s leading online gambling companies with a comprehensive in-play service and streaming services.  The betting site has betting action available every day of the year and involvement with more than 35 million customers worldwide.  Serving as many as 200 countries internationally, the betting site also offers a wide variety of languages to choose from which is nice for the numbers of customers involved.  Supporting 18 language options, this betting site has year round action with a significant number of available wagering options. Promotions for new accounts are offered and the site seems simple to use for those new with wagering bets.
The offerings for Bet365 are excellent for football fans, which makes sense with the popularity of the sport in the UK.  The major leagues and worldwide tournaments are available with matches including the Champions League, English Premier League, Europa League and European Championship qualifiers.  This amounts to more than 200 markets with sports betters finding it easy to pick their markets for 1X2, over/under, total goals, and first goalscorer and corners. With all of this action it seems simpler for sports betters to find value with this betting site.
Many new bettors like the lower minimum stakes with bonuses for deposits.  I’ve found this site to have more promotions that are being offered which makes it nice to check around.  Bet365 seems to have more betting lines available with popular sports and many others such as eSports and snooker.  Odds selections are available for American, decimal, or fractional. Regular odds updates are seen with action taking place on the field, track, or court.  This allows betters to find ways to benefit from some of the appealing prices.
The significant amount of variety for sports wagering is nice with this betting site, along with numerous options for betting also.  Bet365 offers parlays as one of the notable wagers with a bonus and the selection of single bets if parlays aren’t what you’re looking for.
Live betting includes the long list of favorite sports and many others like MMA, volleyball and badminton.  Those new at betting online can enjoy their research of the markets offered by this betting site. Along with many of the top leaders, this one offers mobile betting with apps and functions such as live streaming. 
Sports bettors using Bet365 can personalize their list of markets based on their preferred sports.  They may also find it nice to access the Bet365 casino that is easy to navigate from the sports book.  Football accumulator bets are available with this betting site and sports bettors can enjoy this site to check for the sport’s value odds.  As a British online gambling company, Bet365 is one I like to watch with its location in the United Kingdom. It’s a good size company that been around since 2000 and the long list of sports markets available are nice for bettors building their experience with strict techniques for wager selections.
Bet365 is known for having more competitive odds with appealing options for football, basketball, and tennis.  Earnings potential with this betting site seem nicer for the long term and the support for the underdogs and outsiders can be attractive with Bet365’s odds.  New and experienced sports bettors enjoy these options, value odds, and sport specific betting favorites.


Sports lovers and soccer fans can become successful at online sports betting with the right approach.  There is strong encouragement to progress from always betting on your favorites to an approach focused on your skills to be a good bettor with a better understanding of how to place your bets.  Betting profits with online sports sites are with bookmakers or betting exchanges and knowledge of the betting sites can improve your plans for consistently earning sports betting profits over the long-term.  A sign-up bonus can be very enticing for being able to experience such a closeness with soccer betting. The best betting sites will make it easier to understand the deposit amounts required, if any, and also simplify the process for claiming the bonus.

Unibet has a successful history dating back to 1997 and with its strong growth now has around 16 million customers in more than 100 different countries.    The company now has other brands with its focus on sports betting and other types of gambling. As a betting site, Unibet has been recognized for its customer service and gaming innovation with event and sport bonuses.  Informative posts with social media are also helpful for sports bettors interested in tips for using the site for placing additional winning bets.

Since online betting sites often offer bonuses and rewards, there is a good reason to research the offers and find the ones that offer the best overall experience for you.  These bookmaker bonuses can easily lead you to more betting accounts with availability of odds comparisons and better decision-making for each wager. This is also a good time to understand tips for your chosen stakes with each wager.

The sign up offers for Unibet seem to rate higher with larger ranges of sports available for betting, along with options for other types of special bets.  The coverage is for the biggest events along with local leagues and competitions. The odds at Unibet seem to offer standard value and this might be a good betting site to compare betting margins, especially for popular sports.  The betting site also offers a larger range of in-play betting options and higher ratings for the additional extras offered to its customers. This includes their casino section, poker, and lottery gambling sections.

Your skills can improve as you practice placing bets on football matches and understand the available markets.  Tracking your progress with wins and losses, along with good note taking, can help you with your practice bets. More consistent wins is the focus with profitability for sports betting and correctly choosing the best markets that work for you can be smart for betting.  Knowing the available markets is as simple as looking at betting sites and choosing your betting market. You can change your preferred markets as you practice and take notes along the way.

Several ways of determining the stakes for your wagers are something to determine as you continue along this journey as a sports bettor.  It’s more than a confidence level but the percentage of stakes is something we’ll cover here more with the betting guide I’ve prepared for sports bettors.  Watching sports can be very enjoyable and gaining a better understanding of the variables is simplified as you get more involved with multiple betting sites.  Unibet has many options for researching betting options while watching sporting events.


When taking notes for any betting sites, some experienced sports bettors make sure they keep track of the site name with any types of betting research that seemed interesting for further review.  The research side may include a glance at the types of bets offered with value odds as part of the note taking. Other tips for note taking may depend on the betting site but might include reasons for watching a specific sport with a particular betting site.  Preferences for markets can be adjusted but knowing your list can help you effectively manage the research process.
Although the sports book is definitely the strongest area, Pinnacle is also strong with eSports betting and this is one of their leading betting markets for the online sports betting industry. In-play betting options might be something you’re watching and with a focus on additional research you’ll probably want to know how to best manage your desktop with betting site interfaces.
Watching a few at a time while researching is something experienced sports bettors get better at while improving their chances to have successful bets.  Long term success is important.
Pinnacle is a betting site that gets attention with some of the best betting lines.  It seems the sports betting opportunities are with betting lines that are better than some others offered by other countries, although it might vary by sport or leagues that are followed.  Skilled and experienced bettors often look for the best lines for betting so it seems Pinnacle is smart to focus on this area for sports bettors. The claim is that this site offers better lines for betting without the sign-up bonus.  Industry news points to the reasoning that Pinnacle might be more focused on volume with more bets and smaller margins versus profit margins with profit per bet. The sports betting lingo for these lower margin bets are sometimes referred to as ‘reduced juice’ bets and the less juice a betting line has, the smaller the amount is for the sports book.

It can be helpful to understand that sports books offer betting lines based on outcomes of the game estimations while adding the sports book profit margin along with a safety buffer to cover it when estimates are not correct.  Sports bettors might pay more with bigger sports book profit margins and buffers. Basically, Pinnacle offers bets and you have to pay less as a sports bettor. These better deals could amount to better long term profitability for you as a smart bettor or this could simply be a betting site that you often check for part of your research.  The quality of the betting line can be a small improvement but could be a big difference to a good sports bettor.

Pinnacle is known to have the highest maximum betting limits in the industry for betting sites.  This is helpful with how they post betting lines early with small maximum limits for betting which allows them to adjust their betting lines according to the way people are betting on that line.  With customers from all over the world, this industry leader is often part of an experienced bettors’ lists of betting sites for research and registrations. Pinnacle seems to offer some of the best lines for betting with American sports. There are many reasons why bettors are strongly encouraged to use this site for checking football’s betting options.  Professional sports bettors and those new to this journey are able to see why this betting site could easily be on your research list.

William Hill

More experienced sports bettors focused on success will know ways to simplify the research process with the changing odds price across bookmakers. 

This is one of the top bookmakers for the UK and also a leader with a US division to serve American gamblers.  There is a good list of sports available for betting and immediate funds available for betting following the initial deposit.  Bettors can enjoy betting options for upcoming games, spreads, moneyline and totals. William Hill offers the popular and niche sports with divisions, conferences, minor and college leagues.  Football options are strong with betting options for the major European, MLS, and worldwide leagues.

This could be an interesting betting site to use for comparing betting options for the more popular sports.  Finding your preferred markets that support the techniques you are following should be easy for these types of sports and the subdirectories of sports can also be checked easily.  The site also offers odds formats for fraction, American, and decimal. I’m expecting new markets, additional features, and additional betting options from William Hill with their expansion plans across the US and other international markets. The company’s long history and status as a large company are good indications that planning should be smart for the sports markets and bettors internationally.  The UK based company has many good successes with services also offered at their brick and mortar locations.

The major markets for betting are available for singles and multiples, including moneyline as a basic singles bet, totals with bets for total goals or points for the game, spreads with points for the underdog, parlays for bets covering multiple teams, teasers for multiple bets with flexible spreads, round robins, props for the performance of players, and period betting.  Additional betting options are available for the sports markets offered and bets for season-long and conference winners.
New sign up bonuses include matching bonuses with a good list of attractive bonus offers also for existing players.  This betting site seems nice for people just starting on the journey with an interface that’s easy to navigate.
New bettors can find that the platform offers ways to utilize the sports book effectively.  The betting site seems strong with promotions, deposit options, and 24/7 customer service. The help section is useful with betting guides and topics for sports wagering. 
The lengthy history of William Hill Sportsbook is seen with the availability of sports betting.  Options available for betting include parlays, propositions, straight bets, round robins, teasers and futures.  Another feature offered is the partial cash out option allowing a bettor to cash out a portion of the bet and leave the additional amount in play.
This can be a nice way to try new things across the sports book platform.  This is another betting site to watch as they have a strong presence as one of the top leaders in the US sports betting markets with good positioning in Nevada.
I enjoy following this betting site with the location and size of this UK top bookmaker.  It seems to be a larger company and has proven to be a pioneer in the industry. The betting odds include sports such as American Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Australian Football, Tennis, Props and others.  In-play wagering, real-time video feeds, a poker room, a live casino, and bingo are part of the sites offerings for customers.