Casino Online

If you are frequently looking at my page, you might have realized that my main focus is on soccer. I am a fan like you and many others out there and soccer keeps us busy and interesting all year long. There are the rumors of the possible transfers during the winter and summer windows for […]

Me with my friend Chris

Today I am going to share a very interesting story which eventually changed the way I used to think about Asian girls. I was never interested in any Asian porn site. But about 2 weeks back, my college friend Chris told me about He told me that this site has tons of pretty Asian […]

A Humdrum Crusade

With both teams at a touching distance from each other at the points table, I was very excited about this match between Arsenal and Sunderland. With only two games left from this season, both of them were playing hard, as both of the teams were aiming for two distinct prizes. Arsenal wants to finish at […]

A Dismal Outcome

One of my most favourite stadium, Wembley Stadium was chosen as the location for the sensational second semi-final between Liverpool and Aston Villa. The team qualifying was supposed to meet Arsenal for the FA Cup Final. The crowds were on their complete razzle-dazzle to witness this mammoth-of-a-match. As me along with 4 of my friends […]

The Much Needed Victory

We were back at the Anfield stadium for another encounter with Newcastle United, who were defeated in all of their last 4 matches. On the other hand, Chelsea too had consecutive defeats against Arsenal and Manchester United. Though I had barely slept after doing my shift at the pub, I couldn’t miss watching Liverpool at […]

A Step Closer to the Title

I travelled all the way to the Stamford Bridge Stadium in the Fulham city to watch Chelsea take on the red devils-Manchester United. Winning this match was important for Manchester, and for Chelsea, they were well ahead of all the teams in the table, but it would have taken them a step closer to the […]

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I hate the fact that many movies on Netflix, Pandora, websites, and videos on YouTube are blocked in many parts of the world, especially in US and UK. After all that’s my favorite pass-time, if I am not catching up on any football match. With news that the very popular Netflix Popcorn Time was to […]

The Titans Collide

I and my friend Andy Johnson were travelling to the Anfield Stadium to watch the cracker of a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. Andy works as a graphic designer at the online casino website He was a frequent to the pub I work at, and that is where we first got into an argument […]

Battle of the equals

It’s not a starry affair today at Craven Cottage. No fancy names but it is still a high octane game. It’s a battle of the equals. Tottenham vs Fulham and I am putting my bet on Fulham. They have the home advantage and the crowd is right behind them. But no one can afford taking […]